Esther’s Handmade Paper

Did you ever wonder:

  1. What came before paper made from wood (trees)?

  2. How paper was made more than 2,000 years ago?

  3. How to form cellulose fiber into a 3D object?

Join me in a creative workshop where you’ll learn the art of paper making.  Perfect for birthdays, bar and bat mitzvahs and family/group outings.

One-day Papermaking Workshop

Join us for a day when we will learn about papermaking and create our own sheets of paper.  Great fun for all the family or for special occasions (min. 8 people)


Beginners’ Courses:

A series of meetings covering subjects such as pre-paper, recycled, pulp painting, sandwiching, stencils, embossing, preparation of fibers, and water marks.

Advanced Courses:

* Papermaking in Depth:

Various papermaking techniques explored in depth: manipulation of pulp, paper laminations and use of stencils. Opportunity to create large works and different approaches to simple bookbinding.

* Pulp Painting Workshop:

Painting and stenciling techniques using Overbeaten pigmented pulp to create images on base sheets of different sizes.

  1. *Sculptural Techniques:

Casting into found objects and into molds. Handmade paper,workshops,jewelry,fine art will be made using various techniques with pulp, armature building and mold making.

Next workshop starting soon.

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