We take memories or life stories and turn them into works of art or scrapbooks.  More than that, we weave the physical elements of life into the very essence of the paper and the art. 

By taking photographs, fibers, fabrics, materials, clothes and other items relating to the subject, we integrate the different elements and compose a picture where the story, art, memories and the materials are indelibly intertwined.

  1. Bound books

  2. A framed picture

  3. Triptychs

We create art which tells a story.  Working with you to identify the highlights and the memories, we deliver a unique and special work of art which you will treasure always.

Perfect for birthdays, weddings or in memory of loved ones, all our collages are created on hand made paper and take 4-6 weeks to prepare.  Our prices are surprisingly affordable and we urge you to contact us to describe your requirements and we will get back to you with a quote.

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A memorial triptych collage.  As well as the paper which was created with fibers from cloth that belonged to her, the collage incorporates elements of her actual embroidery and a photograph of her with her daughter.

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